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The Machine: Bride of Pin-bot

B/W Smart Color Under Cabinet Kit

Finally an under cabinet light show for your game that doesn't just mimic what's going on in the game but actually add to it with its own custom programmed light show.  This kit uses a microprocessor to watch your gameplay and react accordingly.  Also, since we're using computer controlled color mixing we can create all those colors not available in LED before like pinks and oranges that don't just flash but can fade as well.


This kit can't be described in text, the video doesn't even do it justice!  It not only puts on an amazing show but it competely changes the color pallet depending on which face you're working on.  Eyes, mouth, face, different colors, different shows!  Trust me, it's amazing!


This kit is standard across nearly all Bally/Williams machines; all you need to transfer it to another machine is the "smart chip" for that game, available on our products page.  Click the link below for details on our chip swap program.


This kit comes with a "Y" power splitter for your convenience.

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Smart Chip Replacement

This replacement smart chip contains all the code needed to move your smart color kit to your Fish Tales machine.  Just replace your kits current chip with this one to move it from your other machine to Fish Tales.


Note:  See our Smart Chip swap program to see if you qualify for free replacement.

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