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Our newest mod adds individually controlled LEDs to your FunHouse machine’s title.  Over 130 individually controlled LEDs create multiple patterns with the old time feel of the classic carnival marquees.  The standard version (M3 Board) is plug-and-play, and features a cycle of classic marquee patterns in a warm white background and GI.
FunHouse M3 Backglass Title Mod
This power supply kit provides both 5 and 12 volts for your games mods from the included  Mean Well power supply to get the strain off of your games power board.  It comes with both the standard Stern 3 pin and Bally/Williams 4 pin connectors to work with most mods on the market.  It also provides a shared ground so your ColorDMD will also plug right into it without issue.  Your mods will be turned off when the machine is turned off as well.  It comes with plugs to work with Stern (pre-Spike), Sega, Bally/Williams WPC and WPC-95 systems.  Please contact us if you need a Data East connector and it will be provided.  No tools required, installs in 5 minutes.
Dual Voltage Mod Power Supply System
This is a 3D printed opaque arrow for the Twilight Zone pinball machine.  It fits over any standard LED and makes it much more obvious what the light is supposed to represent.
Twilight Zone Spiral Arrow
This 12 Volt power supply and game controlled switch pack provide 5A of power for your mods instead of taxing your games power board.  This is especially useful for WPC machines that struggle with weak power boards already.  This kit runs an external power supply connected to your machines power port by the coin door and switches the power to your mods off when your machine is powered off.
Power Supply Kit for Mods
This is the module controlling the backbox board in the dimming panel kit, you do not need to purchase it if you are ordering the dimming panel kit.  It automatically dims itself when the game starts and fades back to full brightness when the game is over. It greatly reduces glare during gameplay in a more elegant fashion.  The brightness level and dim level are adjustable so you can set them to look just right for your machine.  This kit will work with any 12 volt LED strips, whether that be one of our backbox panels or even one you made yourself.  Installation of this kit is very easy, it plugs into a power port available in your machine and has a standard 3 pin connector for your backbox panel or other mods to plug into.
Dimming Controller Only