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Stern Smart Color Under Cabinet Kit
B/W WPC Smart Color Under Cabinet Kit
This is a second dispenser harness for running two ticket dispensers with one ticket board.  The dispensers can be set to the same ticket value so when one is empty the second will take over or set to different values and the board will use each as needed for proper payout.
Ticket Second Dispenser Harness
This harness allows you to connect two ticket boards together to run both in one machine.  This is used for "NJ Mode" when a set payout every game is needed on more than one dispenser per game.
Ticket Dual Board Harness
This is everything you need to move your kit to a new machine.  It includes a new Smart Chip for you new machine and the LED Replacement Pack for ease of installation.  Both above things at a discounted price.
Smart Color "New Game" Bonus Pack
This is the set of LEDs that come with your Smart Color Under Cabinet kit.  You may find it easier when moving your kit to a new machine to have a new pack of LEDs instead of trying to reuse the old ones.  This replacement pack plugs right into your kit, same as the ones that came with your kit to begin with.
LED Under Cabinet Replacement Pack
This replacement smart chip contains all the code needed to move your smart color kit to a new machine.  Just replace your kits current chip with the one for your new machine and install it as you did before.
Smart Chip Replacement