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FunHouse M3 Backglass Title Mod

$279.00 (Sold out)

Our newest mod adds individually controlled LEDs to your FunHouse machine’s title.  Over 130 individually controlled LEDs create multiple patterns with the old time feel of the classic carnival marquees.  The standard version (M3 Board) is plug-and-play, and features a cycle of classic marquee patterns in a warm white background and GI.  

The deluxe version (M3X Board) features the classic patterns along with additional patterns only available in the upgraded version.  The deluxe version is customizable, allowing you to adjust: LED brightness, background LED color, and pattern selection.  Also, only available in the deluxe version, is the game interactive options which allows the marquee lights to work with the machine during gameplay.  Now when midnight hits, the funhouse really does shut down!  Title and background flasher interactivity are also optional through the kit’s menu.

Check it out in action:

This is an extremely limited run with every aspect being designed and programmed to match the game exactly.

Feature List
- Full individual “twinkle” lighting     M3 and M3X
- Multiple “twinkle” light patterns     M3 and M3X
- Ability to remove unwanted patterns     M3X Only
- Classic select lighting patterns     M3 Only
- Classic plus Expanded set of lighting patterns     M3X Only
- Warm white background GI     M3 Only
- Adjustable background GI color     M3X Only
- “Twinkle” light brightness control     M3X Only
- Warm White twinkle lights     M3 and M3X
- Adjustable background GI brightness     M3X Only
- Game interactive lighting patterns     M3X Only
- Game interactive color changing flasher patterns     M3X Only
- Adjustable settings to control game interactivity options     M3X Only

Please note that this kit is powered by your machines power driver board.  In nearly all cases this isn't a problem but if your machine has power supply issues already maybe consider our Power Supply Kit for Mods.  It will run this kit as well and take some of the strain off of the games driver board.

PINBALL SUPERNOVA posted a video review of this kit, check it out at the link: