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Stern Smart Color Under Cabinet Kit



Finally an under cabinet light show for your game that doesn't just mimic what's going on in the game but actually add to it with its own custom programmed light show.  This kit uses a microprocessor to watch your gameplay and react accordingly.  Also, since we're using computer controlled color mixing we can create all those colors not available in LED before like pinks and oranges that don't just flash but can fade as well.

This kit also adds attract mode lighting that turns off during game play for the best of both worlds.  You have the attract mode lights, static or color changing while still having a great light show during the game.  We've also added game over flasher sequences to some games like the Avengers in the video here:

This kit is standard across nearly all Stern pre-Spike machines; all you need to transfer it to another machine is the "smart chip" for that game, available below.  Click the link below for details on our chip swap program.

This kit comes with a "Y" power splitter for your convenience.