Ticket Control Board


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The most versitle ticket dispenser control board on the market.
Works with Deltronic Labs, Entropy and many others.
Board comes ready to run one ticket dispenser with expansion options to drive a second dispenser or tie two together to work in tandem.
Divide ticket payout by 1, 2, 5 or 10.
Make any game pay the same amount every time. (1-63 tickets.)
Count up then dispense to save on ticket costs and increase options.
Test your dispensers with the push of a button.
Set to no payout for shows or showrooms.
Easy to install, just plug in, no extra wires.
Universal board with tons of options.
Less down time with less ticket fills.
Board automatically detects when tickets are filled and resumes ticket payout.

With additional harness one board will run two dispensers, when one is empty the other kicks in or set them to different values and the board will use each as needed.

Use the dual board harness to tie two boards together to work in tandem with each other, when either board pays, they both pay. (When using the set payout option.)

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Price Breakdown:
Single Board: $75
5 Boards: $70 each
10 Boards: $65 each
20 Boards: $60 each