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This is the module controlling the backbox board in the dimming panel kit, you do not need to purchase it if you are ordering the dimming panel kit. It automatically dims itself when the game starts and fades back to full brightness when the game is over. It greatly reduces glare during gameplay in a more elegant fashion. The brightness level and dim level are adjustable so you can set them to look just right for your machine. This kit will work with any 12 volt LED strips, whether that be one of our backbox panels or even one you made yourself. Installation of this kit is very easy, it plugs into a power port available in your machine and has a standard 3 pin connector for your backbox panel or other mods to plug into.

Check out this video:

Note: This dimming module operates on 12 volts and is designed to provide 12 volts at a maximum of 1 amp to drive your LED backbox panel or mods. This module may not work with color changers or other integrated circuits. If you have any questions as to whether this module will work for you, don’t hesitate to ask.

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Stern Pre-Spike, Stern SPIKE & SPIKE 2, Bally/Williams