RGB Dimmer for Speaker LEDs


A drop in replacement for your existing RGB controller adding dimming capabilities and additional pattern options.

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Do you love how bright your Speaker LEDs are but hate how much they glare on the glass once the game starts?  This is your solution.  It is a drop in replacement for your existing RGB controller.  If your kit comes with the standard controller like the one shown on the last picture in the gallery here then you need nothing else but to plug in this controller instead to gain in-game dimming and additional options made specifically for pinball.

When the game starts your LED speaker lights will dim down to a saved solid color of your choosing staying there until your game is over when it will fade back up to the awesome brightness you had before.  Use the remote control like you’re used to but with added functionality to save your preferred in game color and brightness along with your preferred light pattern using your own custom colors when the game is over.

Installation is very simple with full instructions with pictures.  The only thing you need to know is if you need one RGB connector or two.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!

Please note this is for the controller and necessary wiring only, it does not include the speaker LEDs or housings themselves.  It works with any standard 12 volt RGB strips but not with the chasing type strips.

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